Curriculum Vitae

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Selected Publications

We applied the Ocean Health Index (OHI) framework to retrospectively assess ocean health in British Columbia annually from 2001 to 2016 for eight goals that represent the values of British Columbia’s coastal communities. Our OHI assessment provides an important comprehensive evaluation of ocean health in British Columbia, and our open and transparent process highlights opportunities for improving accessibility of social and ecological data to inform future assessment and management of ocean health.
In PLOS One, 2020

We combined range maps and conservation status for 5,291 marine species to map the global distribution of extinction risk of marine biodiversity. We find that for 83% of the ocean, >25% of assessed species are considered threatened. We identify regions where reserves preferentially afford proactive protection or reactive protection, indicating opportunities and needs for effective future protection at national and regional scales.
In Conservation Letters.,2019

Two major efforts to provide marine species distributions at a global scale are the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) and AquaMaps. Comparing distributions for the small subset of species with maps in both datasets, we found that AquaMaps and IUCN range maps show strong agreement for many well-studied species, but our analysis highlights several key examples in which introduced errors drive differences in predicted species ranges.
In PLOS One, 2017

Recent Publications

. Changes in ocean health in British Columbia from 2001 to 2016. In PLOS One, 2020.

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. Research Priorities for Achieving Healthy Marine Ecosystems and Human Communities in a Changing Climate. In Front. Mar. Sci, 2020.


. Recent pace of change in human impact on the world’s ocean. In Scientific Reports., 2019.

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. Mapping status and conservation of global at-risk marine biodiversity. In Conservation Letters., 2019.

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. A pan-Arctic assessment of the status of marine social-ecological systems. In Region Environmental Change, 2018.


. Drivers and implications of change in global ocean health over the past five years. In PLOS One, 2017.

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. Our path to better science in less time using open data science tools. In Nature Ecology & Evolution, 2017.

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. Aligning marine species range data to better serve science and conservation. In PLOS One, 2017.

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Knowles Teacher Initiative

The Knowles Teacher Initiative is a nonprofit organization that supports a national network of mathematics and science teachers who are collaborative, innovative leaders improving education for all students in the United States.

Ocean Health Index

The Ocean Health Index (OHI) is a scientific framework used to measure how healthy oceans are. Understanding the state of our oceans is a first step towards ensuring they can continue providing humans benefits now and in the future.